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Russian River Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Wanted...


Who We Are

#1 We're full-service, professional vacation rental management company.

#2 We're family, locally owned, staffed and operated since 1997.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

#3 We're 100% vacation rentals...that's all vacation rentals all the time!

What We Do for You

  • Make you more money (significantly more, even after commission!) > high-volume year-round rentals
  • Attract great guests > folks like you who appreciate and care for your home
  • Stay ahead of the curve > on-staff marketing expertise and next-gen technology 
  • Know you and your home > professional vacation rental management team
  • Protect your dream and investment > housekeeping on staff, quality control, 24/7 urgent care
  • Advocate for vacation rentals > protect short term rental rights
  • And so much more...Take the call from a neighbor in the middle of the night, get a handyman to fix a hot water heater at 10pm, deliver a loaner TV to a guest for that crucial ball game when yours goes on the fritz, de-escalate a guest who is hot under the collar about lack of air conditioning, schedule housekeeping for same day resevations, check your home in a flood situation when you're stuck in the City, and even more.

Ask Us How...Find Out More about the RRG Rental Program

Call 707 394 4601 and ask for David.  He'll ask for address and stats (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, along with any special features, i.e., riverfront, hot tub, pool, game room, etc.) and give you more detailed information about our program.  From there, we'll schedule a walkthough together and talk about the rental potential of your home.  We're looking forward to meeting you!

Purchasing the Right Home for our Vacation Rental Program

We recommend waiting to call us until you own the home that is right for you and that you're excited to share with guests, preferably already updated/furnished and hot tub installed; this is a better predictor of a great vacation rental than any particular location or layout.  If you don't yet have a local agent, we highly recommend the vacation rental expertise of Debra Johnson at the local Berkshire Hathaway office 707 869 9011.

Thank you for considering the Russian River Getaways Vacation Rental Program!