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Getaway Clean & Safe - covid info

Hot Tub/Swimming Pool Maintenance (only where applicable, see house listing):  Each hot tub/pool is professionally maintained weekly.  Most tubs can be accessed from outdoors, but there are a few that have only indoor access.

Tubs with outdoor access:  The regular service day is listed in the house binder. The service person will come into the yard, announce themselves, and proceed to service the hot tub/pool by the most direct route possible.  During the visit, we ask that guests stay indoors, if possible.  If not, we ask that guests avoid the service person's path to and the area surrounding the hot tub/pool, observing social distancing rules.

Tubs with indoor access:  For the duration of the covid-19 crisis, the maintenance company will make every effort to service between stays.  If service must occur during your stay, either RRG or the service person will contact you and arrange for the visit.  If the only access is through the house, we will ask guests to vacate the premises, if possible.  If not, we will ask guests to stay out of the rooms the service person must go through to get to the hot tub/pool, observing social distancing rules as set forth in our local covid-19 health order.

Social Distancing & Facial Coverings:  When you are out and about, have a totally awesome time, but also observe social distancing rules, including protecting others by wearing a facial covering and giving folks 6 ft of space.  Here's social distancing and facial covering sections from the current health order

21. Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements.

All individuals must strictly comply with “Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements” which means:

Maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from individuals who are not part of the same household or living unit;

Frequently washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer that is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as effective in combatting COVID-19;

Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or fabric or, if not possible, into the sleeve or elbow (but not into hands);

Wearing a Face Covering when out in public, consistent with the Face Coverings Requirements;

Avoiding all social interaction outside the household when sick with a fever, cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms;

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily. If surfaces are dirty, clean them using detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection;

Avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth; and

If you smoke or vape, consider quitting. Smoking and vaping causes harm to the lungs (

Exceptions. Individuals are exempted from complying with Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements only to the limited extent necessary to provide care (including childcare, adult or senior care, care to individuals with special needs, and patient care); as necessary to carry out the work of Allowed Businesses, Essential Governmental Functions, or provide for Minimum Basic Operations; or as otherwise expressly provided in this Order.

22. Face Coverings Requirements. It is required that all people wear Face Coverings before they enter any indoor business, indoor public common areas, or whenever the person is unable to maintain a six-foot distance at all times from a person of a different household or living unit and as set forth in Appendix B of this Order, whether indoors or outdoors. This requirement includes certain exceptions:

While inside their own residence;

While inside or driving alone in a vehicle, or with members of the same household or living unit, unless the windows in the vehicle are lowered to interact with first responders, food service workers, or other persons who are not members of their household or living unit.

While engaging in outdoor activity, recreation, or sports, but only if Social Distancing and Hygiene Requirements are met at all times;

While eating or drinking;

If a Face Covering may pose a risk to the person wearing the mask for health-or safety related reasons; a Face Covering should also not be used by anyone who has a respiratory condition or trouble breathing, or who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the Face Covering without assistance.

If a Face Covering would create a risk to the person related to their work as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines.

Face Covering Requirements do not apply to children aged two years or less because of the risk of suffocation; and are only recommended, but not ordered, for any child aged twelve years or less.

Abundance of Caution Cleaning:  Your home will be professionally cleaned by a Russian River Getaways staff housekeeper, using CDC-recommended covid-19 protocols and disinfectants.  Linens will be laundered and fresh for your stay.  

Cleaning/Household Supplies: 

  • In addition to the supplies listed under Amenities below, the house will be stocked with hand sanitizer and CDC-recommended spray disinfectant.  Please use only what you need at the house and leave the rest for the next guest. 
  • If you bring wipes of any kind, do not dispose of them in any house toilet.  If we have to unstop a toilet or clear a septic line due to wipes, we will consider that deliberate damage and charge you for the repair. 
  • Paper products are still limited in our local stores, so please bring some of your own if you can.  For each reservation, we supply one roll of paper towels and 1+ rolls of toilet paper per bath. 
  • Normally, there are often staples such as salt, pepper, olive oil left in the house by other guests.  Due to covid, we will remove all items left by other guests, so you will need to bring your own kitchen staples.

House Service:  Traditionally, we ask you to let us know about any issues you find at the house, and we will get them fixed for you post haste.  Due to covid, we will only service urgent issues during your stay.  If an urgent issue requires a service person's entering the home, we will ask you to vacate while they are working.  If this is not possible, we will require that you stay well out of the service person's work area, as well the path to the work area, and observe social distancing rules. 

SIP Happens:  If a SIP or other health order applies within a week or so of your arrival, restricting our ability to host your stay in Sonoma County, we will either move your reservation to comparable dates or cancel your reservation and fully refund you.  Otherwise our regular cancellation policy will apply.  If you are concerned about travelling from your home under a SIP order, we advise waiting to book until that is not a factor for you.

Live Like a Local...Be a Good Neighbor*

GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICIES: Quiet hours are 10pm-7am (neighbors should not hear you during that time).  No outdoor amplified sound/music (outdoor speakers) at any time. No guests or cars in excess of the maximum occupancy and cars noted in house listing. No weddings, parties, events, or loud gatherings of any kind. No temporary structures (including tents) or RV’s. No unsecured dogs or nuisance barking. Dogs left alone will be crated indoors. No firepit  (when applicable; check listing) use during fire season (roughly July-November. December-June, firepits will be extinguished when unattended and after 10pm. State/local fire bans will be observed.

Booking Process

-We must have signed Terms & Conditions and full payment before check-in, regardless of how you book.  You may always reference Terms & Conditions on our website:

-When reserving online, you sign our Terms & Conditions electronically during the booking process, and you will receive confirmation upon completion (email if you've booked on our site).

-If you've booked with an agent, you'll receive an email with our e-signature Terms & Conditions.  Please sign within 24 hours or your booking may be cancelled.  

-Regardless of how you booked, we will run payment within 24 hours of your signing our Terms & Conditions.  Also, look for your check-in email from RRG within 48 hours of payment.  

-For security reasons, we can only send reservation information to the person listed on the booking agreement, so please share information with other guests.

Rates, Fees & Payment

-On our website, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A credit card is require to secure your booking.  We do not accept checks or cash.

-The guest who signs our Terms & Conditions takes financial responsibility for the booking, so the signer must be present for the majority of the booking, and the credit card used to pay for the booking must belong to the signer.  You must be 21 to book with us.

-We will run payment for the full amount within 48 hours of your signing our Terms & Conditions. If and only if your arrival is more than six months away, you may request to make two payments at the time of booking in writing (comments box while booking): #1 half the total is due upon booking; #2 the other half is due 30 days before arrival.  Once we run payment, it is too late to request two payments.  Note: If your original card is declined for the second payment, there will be a 48 hour grace period, during which we will attempt to contact you for viable card information.  If we are unable to obtain the information we need to run payment, we will cancel your reservation and retain the amount charged upon booking.

-In addition to rental rate, the following taxes and fees will apply:

  • Required 12% Transient Occupancy Tax plus 2% Business Improvement Area (BIA) Assessment.

  • Required Cleaning Fee: Required Cleaning Fee: A full professional cleaning is necessary after each booking. The fee also includes the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are covered for accidental damage to the rental property and its furnishings up to $1000.  See our covid section for enhanced cleaning protocol info.


  • For cancellation 15 days prior to arrival, you will be fully refunded, no questions asked. 

  • For cancellation 14 days or fewer prior to arrival, you will be refunded half the grand total amount of your reservation.

  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing to

  • There is no partial refund for early departure.

  • RRG cannot refund 3rd party service fees or taxes under any circumstances.  

  • Extenuating Circumstances: If our ability to host you is restricted by extenuating circumstances, such as a SIP order, wildfire evacuation or home sale, we will cancel your reservation and fully refund you.  If you are already in house when the restriction is applied, we will refund your remaining nights.

Check-In and Check-Out

• Check-in time is 3pm.

• Check-out is 11am.

• Due to enhanced cleaning protocols, there will be no late check-outs or early check-ins for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic.

Standard Amenities We Provide

Any amenity not on this list (listed on the house webpage) is subject to change without notice. We try to keep everything up to date, but if that additional amenity is very important to you, please ask about it.  See top of page for info specific to covid.

• Bed: One set of bed linens per bed/advertised sleeper. Beds will be made up with fresh linens for your arrival; sleepers will not.  

• Bath: One set of bath towels per person (a set is one bath towel, one hand towel and one wash cloth)...just like a hotel.  Initial supply of toilet paper (1+ rolls per bathroom), hair dryer, liquid hand soap, bodywash/shampoo combo.

• Please bring your own toiletries (including bar soap and your favorite shampoo), spa/beach towels and firewood/kindling (where applicable, of course). 

TIP: If you find any of these items at the house, you are welcome to use them, but they are not routinely provided. You can also purchase locally at Safeway or one of the local markets.

• Kitchen: Stove, refrigerator, blender, microwave, coffee-maker & grinder, toaster, complete cookware, dishes, glassware, flatware, dishwashing and liquid hand soap, dishwasher detergent (if the house has a dishwasher*), one roll of paper towels, dish towel, sponge, trash bags.  

TIP: Use only dishwasher tabs in dishwasher. *Check amenities to confirm whether your home has a dishwasher. 

TIP: We do not routinely stock basic cooking ingredients such as salt, pepper or oil, or coffee, but if you find them at the house, enjoy! 

• Laundry: Washer & dryer.  We provide laundry detergent, but not dryer sheets.

• Gas grill or charcoal barbecue: Propane is provided for gas grills; charcoal, lighter fluid, etc. are not, but can be purchased locally.  Check amenities for type of grill.

• Entertainment: Cable, satellite or streaming service, DVD, Wi-Fi, music player.  Pay-per-view is not included in your reservation.

• Communication: Landline telephone with free domestic long distance. International calls are not included in your reservation.  

TIP: You can forward your calls if you don't have cell service.  Verizon works best in this area.

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Rules


Shower before getting in (especially after being in the River).  Do not overuse the hot tub (too many people in the hot tub for too long).  Keep your head above water in the hot tub.  Children must be supervised at all times on the property, especially around hot tub and swimming pool.  No children six years old or younger are allowed in hot tub.  No dogs in hot tub or pool.  Avoid pool and hot tub if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, are intoxicated or have any other risk factor.  Leave the floaters alone.  Replace covers after use.  Keep hot tub filled to one inch above highest jet.  Keep hot tub temperature set between 100 and 104 degrees.  Don’t use if the water appears dirty, cloudy, or otherwise unsanitary.  No running around or diving into pool.  No glass in or around pool or hot tub. Pools are closed for use Oct through April.  

Hot Tub/Pool Maintenance: Each hot tub/pool is professionally maintained weekly. Most hot tubs/pools can be accessed from outdoors, but some must be accessed through the house.

Homes with outdoor access:  The regular service day is listed in the house binder. The service person will come into the yard, announce themselves, and proceed to service the hot tub/pool by the most direct route possible.  During the visit, guests will be asked to stay indoors, if possible.  If not, guests will be asked to avoid the service person's path to and area surrounding the hot tub/pool, observing social distancing rules.

Homes with indoor access:  For the duration of the covid-19 pandemic, the maintenance company will make every effort to service between stays.  If service must occur during your stay, either RRG or the service company will contact you and arrange for the visit.  If the only access is through the house, guests will be asked to vacate the premises, if possible. If not, we will ask guests to stay out of the rooms the service person must go through to get to the hot tub/pool, observing social distancing rules.

*Check house listing to see if a house has a hot tub and/or swimming pool. 

Dog Rules

Keep furniture and house linens clean and free of dog hair; bring and use your own dog blanket (do not use house linens/blankets for dogs).  Clean up after your dogs, on the property and in the neighborhood.  Dogs must have flea and tick protection.  Dogs must be secured on the property at all times.  Dogs left alone must be crated inside the house.  Obey local leash laws.  Don’t let dogs wander onto neighboring properties.  No dogs in pools & hot tubs.  County Ordinance prohibits excessive barking in vacation rentals.

River, Docks, Boats & Creeks

• Roughly May 1-October 31, the River is gentle, with very little white water, and warm enough to swim. Water levels can vary greatly, especially in June and September.

• Roughly Nov 1-Apr 30, the River is very swift, deep, and muddy, not safe for swimming or boating. Depending on rainfall, beaches are more or less under water.

• Rivers are dynamic, changing over season and year to year.  Russian River levels depend upon a complex integration of upstream dams at Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma, summer dams at Healdsburg and Guerneville, tidal influences, County water flow decisions and drought conditions.  

• River water is generally clean and safe to swim in, tested frequently by the County. However, if River-based water activities are in your plans, please use caution and review the Sonoma County Health Department's most recent recommendations for safe river use:  

• We cannot guarantee water conditions, or river levels, river access or frontage conditions at any time of year in any location.  Photos of the River and creeks on our website are not necessarily representative of current conditions.

• Private, Shared, and Neighborhood Beaches: Some homes have access to a public neighborhood beach, some to a shared “private” beach, and some to a “private” beach. A private river beach is a beach which cannot be accessed by land from any homes other than those we list, at least not without trespassing. By federal law, river beaches are open to the public up to the "high water mark" if they are accessed by water. So a group of canoeists may pull up to "your" beach and enjoy a picnic. They are completely within their rights to do so. The same applies to Austin Creek, but not to the seasonal creeks.  Beaches tend to be gravel, with some sandy areas. We recommend water shoes to protect feet. 



• Docks are generally in place mid-June through mid-September, depending on when the summer dams are installed and dismantled. The summer dams raise the water level to where docks can be used, and full water level is gained over the next week or so. We do not have control over or advance notice of this process. Each home has a custom dock system which requires the water level to be within a certain range, and each has its own timeline for accessibility.

• We cannot guarantee dates for the installation or removal of docks, and we do not refund if a dock is not in place.  There are many ways to enjoy the River!



Boating conditions are generally safe May 1-Oct 31. At homes with docks, boats may only be available as long as the dock is in, which varies. Other homes may offer boats when it's generally safe for boating. Homes with boats should have two adult and two child life vests. All watercraft and equipment should be returned to their original locations and secured after each usage.


• Austin Creek is a large year-round creek that runs through Cazadero and feeds into the Russian River. In drought years, the creek may go underground in some places.

• A seasonal creek runs strong in the rainy season, with diminishing flows into early summer. Generally by mid-summer, these creeks will be dry and will remain so until the rains begin again in the fall or winter.

• We cannot guarantee creek water levels or water conditions at any location.

Lost & Found

We will try to help you get your lost items back, so call the office ASAP if you forgot something at the house. There is a $50 flat fee for retrieving and shipping lost items.  We keep found items for only 30 days.

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