Russian River Vacation Rental Management

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Management means PEACE of MIND...

It means that we've got you covered, coming and going, traveler or homeowner...   

First...Hey Traveler, 

Your vacation dream home will be clean, warm and welcoming when when you arrive. 

You will receive guest-centric service 24/7, striving to exceed your expectations.

You can enjoy this Russian River Getaway worry-free because we cover minor accidental damage to the home and contents for you (up to $1000 when you report).

You can dare to dream about your next Russian River Getaway because every one of us at RRG, from owner to booking agent to housekeeper, is living local, loving what we do, and we are not going anywhere!

And now...This is for you, Vacation Home Owner,

Your dream and investment will be cared for and protected by a group of people who live just down the street & only a text away.

Your second-home costs will be offset by folks who think it's a pretty good idea to stay ahead of the curve on marketing &service by working hard and smart - making your dream sustainable.

You can relax knowing that guests, neighbors, and you yourself will be heard and helped out at any time of the day or night.

You can give David a call at 707 869 4560 or email

And by the way...The right vacation home is the home you love to vacation in!

We highly recommend the vacation rental expertise of Debra Johnson at the local Berkshire Hathaway office 707 869 9011. 

Choose a home you'd love to call your second home, and, chances are, others will love it too!  Call us when you possess the keys to the castle and are ready to rent! 

big p.s.

We are all in and hope you are too...We don't do any à la carte services.  No housekeeping, no maintenance, no referrals, nada.