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Altered Images: 16377 C Main Street, Guerneville 869-3179 Eclectic gifts for all around and all occasions. Really fun store, moved from Occidental.

Big Bottom Market: 16228 Main St. Guerneville, Ca. 707-604-7295 Picnic fixin's.

Glass Images: 16377 Main Street, Guerneville 869-4105 Stained Glass Sales & Classes.

Guerneville 5 & 10: 16252 Main Street, Guerneville 869-3404 Old-Fashioned Dime store

King's Sport 16258 Main St. Guerneville Ca 707-869-2156

Russian River Art Gallery: 16357 Main Street, Guerneville 869-9099 Gallery.

Seconds First: 16365 Main Street, Guerneville 869-2211 Vintage Clothing & Oddities.

Sonoma Nesting Company: 16151 Main Street, Guerneville 869-3434 Antiques and treasures for your nest. Unique collections presented by Dax Berg & Christopher Smith.

The Wine Vault16290 Main street Guerneville, Ca. Located in the Guerneville Bank Club is a cute mondern wine and gift shop.

Rio Rio: 16216 B Main Street Guerneville, CA. Renewd vintage boutique.

Sol Rio Studio: 14016 Armstrong Woods Rd  Guerneville CA. 707-604-6912 Yoga, healing, and more

Fife Creek Aniques and Collectibles: 15180 River Rd Guerneville, CA. 707-889-6000

RiverQueen16355 Main St Guerneville, CA 707-869-8258 Clothing and collectibles

The Farmhand15025 River Rd Guerneville, CA. 707-604-7795 Deli and market

Russian River Cycle Service: 6559 Front St Forestville, CA. 707-887-2453 All your bicycle needs

Nightingale Breads: 6665 Front St Forestville, CA. 707-887-8887 Best bakery around 

Lucky Mojo: 6632 Covey Rd Forestville, CA. 707-887-1521 Books, candles, and other spirtitual callings

Pascaline Patisserie & Cafe: 4552 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol CA. 707-823-3122 French Sweet and savory pastries, small delights and more. Perfect place to grab a picnic to go.

Duncans Mills General Store25200 Hwy 116 Duncans Mills, CA. 707-865-1240 Deil, grocerys, and other necessities.

Sophie Cellars: 25179 Hwy 116 Duncans Mills, CA. 707-869-1122 Wine and cheese

Duncans Mills Tea Shop: 25185 Main St Duncans Mills, CA 707-865-9041 All things tea

Pig Alley: 25193 Main St Duncans Mills, CA 707-865-2698 American made crafts, jewrlry, home decor, and more

Worldly Goods1 Main St Duncans Mills, CA 707-865-3025 Gifts from all over the world

Cetonia Bath & Body: 21193 Main St Duncans Mills, CA. 707-243-8647 Handmade bath and body products

Jim and Willies Antiques and Collectibles: 25193 C Hwy 116 Duncan Mills, CA. 707-865-9672

Twice As Nice: 25200 Hwy 116 Duncans Mills, CA. 707-865-2498 Thift and gift store.

Treats & Toys25373 Steelhead Blvd Duncans Mills CA. 707-865-9044 Candy store