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Riding Horses at the Coast and in the Redwoods...

When: Horseback Riding is a year-round activity in Sonoma County. In January, February, and March most of the rainfall occurs, but even then there will be many sunny days, particularly at the coast where fog tends to prevail in the summer.

Where: There are two options for guided horseback riding on rented horses in western Sonoma County, each offering completely different, but equally wonderful horseback riding experiences:

Chanslor Ranch
With many miles of trails that take you from lofty mountain tops, grassy meadows, coastal dunes and white sand beaches, the Sonoma coastline is the perfect environment to enjoy horseback riding. Chanslor Ranch is a working horse ranch, offering guided trail rides, private rides, pony rides, riding lessons, as well as overnight and monthly horse boarding.

Four popular short rides (½ hr to 1½ hours) are available:

  1. Beach Ride. The beach ride follows trails through state park sand dunes and then up the coast (subject to the trails being open)
  2. Salmon Creek Ride. This ride follows the Salmon Creek Canyon and then into the hills to enjoy spectacular views of the coast and western Sonoma County.
  3. Eagle's View Ride: a short scenic ride with gorgeous views of the Sonoma Coast and Bodega Bay. Suitable for beginners and children.
  4. Osprey Trail: a beautiful trail that explores our Protected Wetlands. You see views of the North Salmon Creek beach, Salmon Creek and lush grasslands of the ranch. Beginner friendly.
  5. Wetlands Ride: a slow-paced ride through the Wetlands Wildlife Preserve, also suitable for beginners and children.

Private rides, including lunch (only for bookings far in advance), are available and are customized according to the riding ability and interests of the riders. Parties and special events can also take place here, with a good old-fashioned hay ride as part of the fun.

If you want to bring your own horse, you're both welcome at  Chanslor Ranch.

Riding Resources

Chanslor Guest Ranch
Highway One, just north of Bodega Bay