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The Russian River area enjoys an agreeable California coastal climate, comparable to the Mediterranean in character.  We have a dry season (roughly May to October) and a rainy season (roughly November to April).  There's no snow and no intense heat; it rarely gets hotter than the low 90s.

By comparison, Russian River summers are warmer than San Francisco summers, perfect for lounging on the beach and wandering through the redwoods.  We have a real autumn, complete with spectacular falling leaves and cooler temperatures.  Because summer is our dry season, the rains of late fall also bring back the green hills.  Russian River winters are colder than San Francisco winters, making the time-honored tradition of building a fire a real pleasure (and sometimes a necessity!).  After the rains and occasional frost of winter, spring is a delightful mix of warmer temperatures and blooming California wildflowers.  Rapid temperature change is common tothis area, so the locals often dress in layers.

Spring: Daytime temperatures often range from an average of 41.2 degrees F to an average of 73.3 degrees F.  May is frequently very warm with temperatures into the 90s.

Summer: In the summer, daytime temperatures usually range from an average of 52 degrees F (on the cooler, foggier mornings) to an average of 89 degrees F.  We do have some stretches of hotter weather, up into the high 90s and even a few days in the low 100s.  When describing our summer weather, we often say, “It’s hot enough to swim during the day, and cool enough to hot tub at night.”

Autumn: Daytime temperatures usually range from an average of 41 degrees F to an average of 83 degrees F.  September is often warm, with temperatures into the 90s, but by October it’s usually cooled down.

Winter: Daytime temperatures usually range from an average of 38 degrees F to an average of 60 degrees F.  Sunny days often see higher temperatures, and we do sometimes dip below freezing at night (and wake up to a glittering frost).

Current Weather Information

Guerneville Links: Average Temperatures | Current Weather | 10-day Forecast

Santa Rosa* Links: 7-Day Forecast

     *While Santa Rosa is a ½ hour east of Guerneville, this forecast is useful as a predictor of rain in the Russian River area.  It is slightly more likely to rain here than in Santa Rosa.  In the summer, the forecast can be useful to determine general temperatures for the area.  However, there are many micro climates in the hills and valleys of Sonoma County, and the Russian River area tends to be a bit cooler than Santa Rosa.