Dogs & Wine?

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Fur Babies Welcome! Wine, Beer & Food

Tips on wine tasting in the Russian River Valley with your Dog!

All of these have spaces where dogs will be happy while their owners taste, but be aware your dog will not necessarily be welcome in the tasting room itself. Please let us know if your experience is "au contraire" and let us know if you find dog-friendly wineries we should add to the list.

  • C. Donatiello (formerly Belvedere)
    Guest Review: "...the new winery C. Donatiello is there and is very pet friendly. They do not allow pets in the building but has a great lawn and nice trees where you can tie up in the shade while you taste the wine. From the tasting room you can see the lawn / dog. I like this place the best due to relaxed / comfortable environment for both people and dog."
  • DeLoach
  • Dutton Goldfield
  • Horse & Plow
  • Joseph Swan Vineyards
  • Lambert Bridge
  • Mazzocco
  • Mutt Lynch Winery
    BayWoof announces Beast of the Bay Awards 2013 Best Dog-Friendly Winery:  
    Some wineries have fancy-dancy tasting rooms.  At Mutt Lynch, we take a different approach.  Our first priority is to play host to you and your canine companions.  Yes, that's right - dog's are welcome, in fact encouraged!  We love to open our winery doors, turn a barrel on its side, pull out our wines, give your dog a treat (or two or three!) and get to know you while you get to know our wines.  We'll even bring our Ipod to play some music... how about "Who Let the Dogs Out" ! Dog Fancy Magazine: "With the possible exception of Paris, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more canine-inclusive place to sip wine than Mutt Lynch Winery in Sonoma County."
  • Russian Hill Estate
    Guest Review: "very dog friendly and no problem off leash here. Main down side here is that they do not have any lawn or out of the way place to kick back and enjoy the wine. The place just needs to be landscaped better. Overall good people and the wine is great as well."
  • Seghesio
  • Stephen & Walker
  • Taft Street
  • Wilson Winery
  • Landmark Vineyards
  • Dutcher Crossings
  • Russian River Vineyards