Russian River Vacation Rental Management

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You Do!  Here's why...

Management means PEACE of MIND

Choose the right home...

The right vacation home is the home you love to vacation in!  When you choose a home you'd love to call your second home, chances are others will love it too.

How we can help you...

Your dream and investment will be cared for and protected by a team of dedicated people who live just down the street & only a text away. Your second-home costs will be offset by folks who think it's a pretty good idea to stay ahead of the curve on marketing and service by working hard and smart - making your dream sustainable.  You can relax knowing that guests, neighbors, and you yourself will be heard and helped out at any time of the day or night.  


This is what we do, all vacation rental, all the time, for the past 24 years.  We are all in and hope you are too, soooo...we don't do any à la carte services.  No housekeeping, no maintenance, no referrals, no 24/7 emergency contact, nada.

When to contact us...

-Green light: If you already own a house, know you want to partner with a full service management team, and have done your homework on the vacation rental permit process, we want to talk asap!   Email with the address of your home and other info we request, so we can take a peek before we talk.

-Orange light:  If you do not have a permit already, you will need one to operate on the right side of the vacation rental ordinance. And of 12/15/20, Sonoma County has put some brakes on the number of vacation rentals in certain areas of the Russian River with a cap for at least two years, so some addresses may not be currently eligible for a vacation rental permit.  Also, as of 7/20/21, the County has decided to open the current vacation rental ordinance to revisions, which may be a drawn out process, and they may put a hold on new vacation rental permits until the revision process is completed.

For both reasons, before contacting us, please contact the county vacation rental desk at PRMD to confirm whether your address is eligible:

(707) 565-1932 or

It's good to give them the APN as well as the address.  You can find that here:

Note: If you bought a house that had a permit under the prior owner, that permit expires with the sale.  As the new owner, you will have to apply for a new permit. Good luck!