Craft Beer in Wine Country

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15 Jun 2017
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Are you ready to be surprised? Many year-round travelers to the Russian River Valley usually want to visit the best wineries in Sonoma County. What travelers might not know is that the Russian River Valley is home to some of the best craft beer in California. Here is a list of a few Russian River Breweries you won’t want to miss during your craft beer tour in Sonoma County wine country.

A great stop on the quest for craft beer in wine country is the Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, CA. Pale ales, pilsners, porters, IPA and Belgian style beers have won gold, silver and bronze medals all over festivals and world cup competitions.

A second great stop on the list of craft beers in the Russian River Valley is found in Sebastopol. The Crooked Goat Brewery has at least sixteen brews on tap each day. Surprises found at the Crooked Goat are part of the many artisanal attractions found in The Barlow. Local favorites include the double IPA, the raspberry wheat ale and the vanilla bean stout.

Stumptown Brewery in Guerneville, CA is a true Locals joint. The Rat Bastard Ale, a Blue Ribbon award winner at Santa Rosa Beer Festival, is highly drinkable and worthy of any thirsty palate. This joint definitely has a local vibe you don’t want to miss. 

The final craft brewery worth exploring lands us at Woodfour Brewing Company in Sebastopol. It specializes in barrel-aged beers, saisons and farmhouse ales. A full bar menu, a happy hour and growlers appeal to all who love beer.

For those who look to pair their beer experience with hiking adventures, cabin or housing rentals, wine tasting or cycling trips, the Russian River Valley is bursting with choices. Surprises for the beer lover abound around every glance left and right.

Our next blog will bring more unexpected experiences you will want to discover.