Cycling in Sonoma County

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31 Jul 2017
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Take Me to the River

Any cyclist, or person who has simply experienced the joys of cycling, will agree that cycling allows one to experience more of their surroundings than any other form of transportation. If one seeks to explore the sprawling beauty that is the landscape surrounding the Russian River, cycling just might be the best way to experience the most while minimally taxing the environment.

Beyond the vacation rentals, Russian River Getaways and even the town of Guerneville lies a breathtaking landscape one must see in person. Narrow and venerable roads wind through the hills of the stunning sprawl as the Russian River serves as a central anchor throughout the region.

Didn’t bring your bike on vacation? No need to fret! Sonoma County boasts numerous bike rental shops and tours, all with amazing service. If looking to simply rent, make sure to check out Bike Partners Rentals & Delivery and Sonoma Adventures. Both businesses will deliver bike rentals right to your vacation rental, wherever you may be along the Russian River.

Looking to be led on a tour through the area? Then Undiscovered Country Tours and Getaway Adventures & Rentals are ideal for you. With a variety of single and multi-day tours through numerous locations in Sonoma County, there is a perfect tour for everyone.

Looking to see more of the best wineries in Sonoma County while you tour? Visit Wine Country Bikes and Adventures in Cycling to be led on a tour through wine country, all while cycling. Nothing quite beats the view of the sun shining on the fields of grapes at sunset, just as the sky transitions from a serene blue to a radiant orange.

Whether or not you initially came to the Russian River to take a cycle tour, there is no better way to experience the extensive and diverse scenery of the area. From lush hills to the roaring Russian River to the picturesque wineries, nothing quite matches Sonoma County. 

Stay tuned with the blog for more surprising and adventurous ways you can spend your time during your stay at Russian River Getaways.